Senior Discounts

Are you of an age to receive a Senior Citizens discount at various restaurants, shows, etc.? Do you remember to ask for the discount?

I’m of an age to get the discount but often totally forget to ask for it. Sometimes a clerk in a fast food restaurant will take one look at me and automatically give it to me. Am I offended by this? No, since I’m now on a fixed income, those few cents savings can add up over a month or two and might make the difference in my coming in again for another burger.

Yesterday I took advantage of another senior discount. Our local public transportation system offers half-price tickets to those over 65 with their discount card. I rarely take public transportation since it does not reach my neighborhood. But I have two trips to the downtown area coming up. My preferred method of getting there will be to take the train and thus avoid the high priced parking fees in the downtown area. When my sister and I were out the other day, we stopped by the closest train station and checked the cost of a ticket. Regular price was $4.50 for a round-trip ticket.

To get the senior discount card, it would be necessary to go downtown to the traffic center and apply. Would it be worth it for only two trips? Would I be inclined to go downtown more often if I had it?

I decided it would be worth it so I drove downtown, parked in a garage which cost me $1 for about 15 minutes of parking and got my free discount card for the train. It is a photo ID and I now have an ID card with a picture that’s worse than the one in my passport on it.  It remains to be seen how often I’ll use it.

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