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Time to Visit the Library

I haven’t been to the library in almost two months. I read the latest stack of books I had from them before my friends visited me in late June. My sister passed along a stack of books she had. I’ve read … Continue reading

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Indulging in A Vacation Activity

What kind of activities do you enjoy when you’re on vacation? I know that a lot of people like to shop. I think it’s the “thrill” of new-to-them shops and stores. Even nationwide chain stores seem different somehow when they’re … Continue reading

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Limited Progress on Problematical Projects

Boy, that title almost qualifies as a tongue twister. Try saying that ten times, quickly. Tuesday was my knitting group at the local Borders store. I was knitting on my current baby sweater. I hadn’t picked it up since I … Continue reading

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A Grand Finale

Last night was the final concert in the summer concerts performed by the Compton Heights Concert Band. It was, in my opinion, the best program of the season. The music was a nice mix of things. Because Hugh Smith, tenor, … Continue reading

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In Search of Another Mini-Vacation

I went in search of another mini vacation yesterday and was disappointed. I had read in the paper that Disney’s A Christmas Carol Train Tour would be in St. Louis this weekend at Union Station. My sister and I set … Continue reading

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