Random Remarks

Just in case you’re wondering what happened to Tuesday’s post, I took it down. That’s obvious isn’t it? Why, you ask. Well, I’ll tell you.

It is not my practice to forward many of the emails I get which ask me to do so. When I got that email about how to lock your car doors, it seemed like a real possibility to me and rather than forward it to everyone in my address book (like I’d really do that), I decided to post the text here. After all, in this day and age of phishing and other means of ID theft, the possibility of someone grabbing your car security codes seemed reasonable.

It appears I was wrong. Several people “corrected” me for posting the information. They cited other websites which said the information in my post was untrue. Of course, I’m not sure why anyone should believe those websites as being more credible than this one. But for whatever it’s worth, I decided it would be better to delete that post.

Moving on to another topic, one of the things I like to do is read food blogs. I can no longer remember which blog it was but one of them gave me a great idea for dealing with cucumbers. This has become my favorite way to fix them.

Peel them in alternating stripes. Slice them in half the long way and scrape out the seeds. I find a teaspoon is perfect for this. Then cut the cukes in chunks and pour some bottled Caeser salad dressing on them. The creamy kind is best. Yummy!

The other culinary wonder in my kitchen recently has to do with mac and cheese. I was preparing a box of  generic store mac and cheese when, in my graceful way, I knocked the box over and spilled half the noodles in the floor. Since this was to be a major portion of my dinner, what was I to do? I couldn’t sweep them up and toss them in the pot. I went to the pantry and found my stash of regular elbow macaroni and even though the individual pieces were much larger than those in the box, I tossed a handful in the pot with the remainder of the box noodles.

When it was time to dump in the butter, milk and the dry powdered cheese, I had a brainwave. I tossed in a handful of grated cheddar cheese.   The results were yummy … nice and cheesey and a much more flavorful dish than the one made only with the powdered cheese.

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1 Response to Random Remarks

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    The websites Truth or Fiction and Snopes:urban legends are dedicated to finding out which items making the rounds of the Internet and e-mails are fact or fiction.

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