Organ Donation

Thursday when I was sitting at the car dealer’s waiting for my car to be serviced/repaired, there was another woman in the waiting area. I noticed her right away because she was embroidering. We struck up a conversation — I was knitting my February Lady Sweater — and she was working on some quilt blocks.

Both of us were there for several hours. As usual at that dealer’s facility, the television in the waiting area was tuned to ESPN. It turned out neither one of us are all that interested in sports and after about the sixth time of hearing about Plaxio being sentenced to two years in prison, she asked if we could change the TV. Answer was yes.

She tried to find a “normal” channel and wasn’t having much luck. Finally, one of the men who works there came over and helped her. We ended up watching a Marcus Welby (hope I spelled that correctly) program.

Now I don’t have — have never had — a television so I’m totally unfamiliar with what’s on when. I could tell, though, that this was an older program. We kind of tuned in after the program had started so I’m not sure exactly what was going on. But the young woman who was the focus of the program ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection. Because she had had a similar thing some years earlier which resulted in the removal of her kidney, she pleaded with Dr. Welby to cure her without surgery. The fact that she was to get married in a month added urgency to her pleas.

Well, of course, the remaining kidney did not respond to the alternate treatment and she had to have it removed and go on dialysis. The program mentioned she’d be on the machine six hours at a time.

My stitching companion spoke up and said that’s changed now. It’s only three hours. She also said the dialysis machine looks different these days. I asked the obvious question … Did she know someone on dialysis?

The answer was yes, her daughter-in-law. The young woman has been on the transplant list for 4.5 years. I find this hard to accept.

Kidney transplants have been around for a number of years. It’s criminal that someone would be on a waiting list for such a long time. Here in Missouri, you can indicate on the back of your driver’s license whether you want your organs donated. Unfortunately, I have medical conditions which would prevent my being a donor but if I could, I think I’d be whipping out my driver’s license and signing it.

Does your state have a similar program? Have you signed your driver’s license so you can donate your organs?

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1 Response to Organ Donation

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    I have signed the organ donor spot on my driver’s license. Although I have had diabetes for over 30 years, I still signed in the hopes they could find something they could use. When my husband died in 1998, I learned that his eyes were used to help someone see and skin was used for a burn victim. The organ donor program is very worthwhile and actually, costs the donor nothing, since once the Spirit is gone, the body is just a shell.

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