Blowing Your Own Horn

This has been an educational week. I have gained a new understanding of what blowing your own horn means.

The  key fob for the car quit working in early July.  I purchased a replacement battery upon the advice of a service technician at the car dealer’s.  After a month, it quit working again and I stubbornly refused to buy another battery since it had only lasted a month. Instead, I was going to have the service folks check it out when I next got the oil changed.

Sunday the car started honking it’s horn, usually after I turned off the motor. I’d fiddle with the light signal lever (because the hazard lights were flashing as well) and after a bit it would quit. 

Tuesday when I took my sister to the lab for her blood test, the car repeated this action in the lab’s parking lot and again when we got to her house. I went inside for a little while and when I came out, the car was so happy to see me, it started honking the horn before I even got in it. It quit once I started the motor. When I parked at Borders and got out, it honked to let me know it would miss me while I was with my knit group. Eventually, I got it to stop and went in to the knit group.

On my way home from the knit group, I stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription. When I got out of the car, it remained silent as it should. I was relieved. In I went and got my medicine. When I came out of the store, the car was honking, flashing its lights and just generally creating a scene like a naughty child throwing a tantrum. I brought it home and put it in the garage. It honked to let me know it was unhappy and kept it up for quite a little while. I came in the house and called and made an appointment to take it to the dealer yesterday.

As I drove over to the dealer’s, I prayed that the silly thing would honk when I stopped in the driveway of the garage so the service manager wouldn’t think I was making this story up. I barely got inside the building when it started honking. It honked for a while, stopped for a few minutes (reminded me of a hiccuping crying child), started honking again and kept repeating this. I told the service manager that that was my car out there trying to get attention. As I remarked to another customer and the manager, it gives you a whole new appreciation for the term, “blowing your own horn.”

The manager wasn’t as patient as I am and he went out to take a look … right in the middle of helping the other customer … and he managed to shut it up. I don’t know if he spoke sternly to it or what he did. Once it was my turn, I listed all the things I wanted checked. They didn’t have … and couldn’t get from any of the rental companies … a loaner car so I went to the waiting area where I worked on my February Lady Sweater. (I had been told about the lack of loaner cars when I made the appointment.) I knitted away for maybe two hours when the service manager came to talk to me about my car.

The whole problem was caused by the key fob! Something in it was cracked and it needs to be replaced. Of course, he didn’t have one and would need to order the part. So it’s back to the dealer with the car today. At least he took the battery out of the key fob so I could drive home and the car couldn’t honk at me. I wonder if it’s pouting.

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