Finally … a FO

Finally I have a Finished Object. I was beginning to think this project was never going to reach that state. I’ve finished another chemo hat.

This hat is the one I worked on at the concerts in the park this summer. As I suspected, I ran out of the original yarn which was sent to me by a woman who had gotten it at a thrift store. She ran a contest on her blog, asking what you’d do with the yarn if she sent it to you. I said I’d knit chemo hats. Lo and behold, I won the contest.

The main yarn in this hat was a deep eggplant color. But, as I mentioned, I ran out before I got the hat completed. I went to Dollar Tree and bought a ball of black Fun Fur that has the blobs of bright colors in it. I think that is called Fancy Fur.  As it happened, I didn’t have to add that until I got to the crown where I was doing the top shaping.

The hat turned out rather cute with all those little blobs of color at the top. If a woman doesn’t want to wear it, maybe one of the teenagers or children in the cancer center will like it.

I’ve started the next hat. It’s from a similar yarn as the eggplant but this is black. I have more of that Fun Fur to use with it if I don’t have enough to do a complete hat.

It just feels good to have a FO!

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1 Response to Finally … a FO

  1. Susie says:

    The chemo hats are a most worthy project. My friend who received two of your hats was so comforted by them. They felt good, and lifted her spirits more than you’ll ever know. Knit on!

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