Road Rudeness

I don’t think it qualified as road rage but it definitely was road rudeness.

I was driving on a state highway (four-lane divided highway) to the next town last night. We were stopped at a stoplight and I heard an engine revving loudly. After looking at the vehicles around me, I determined the noise was coming from the souped up pick-up truck in front of me.

It was a large pick-up, riding high on big tires and the driver who appeared to be a young man was revving his engine at the same time he was crowding the bumper of the vehicle in front of him. Once the light changed, he stayed right on the bumper of the car in front of him and continued to rev the motor of his truck. It was pretty obvious that he wanted that car to get out of his way.

I stayed safely behind him but as I watched, he continued his rude behavior. The car in front of him moved to the other lane as soon as he could. Truck roared up behind the next vehicle and did the same thing … got right on the bumper and revved the motor. The roar of that thing reminded me of the male lion at the zoo!

Fortunately the drivers in front of him just moved to another lane as quickly as they could to get out of his way. But it was a situation that could easily have escalated into road rage.  Thank goodness the pursued drivers were cool-headed.

I heartily dislike people who tailgate me but at least I’ve been spared having their motors roar at me.

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