The Man With The Asbestos Mouth

I had a coupon for a free Torpedo sandwich at Quizno’s sandwich shop. So after knitting group the other day, I went to the neighborhood Quizno’s for lunch.

After I got my meal, I took a seat at a table near the front window but sat looking into the restaurant. In a little while a man came and took a seat at a table facing my table. He set his tray down. I watched as he went back to the condiment display. There he filled several small dishes and came back to his table.

I noticed that one of the dishes was filled with those small peppers which are often included in deli salads. Another dish was filled with sliced hot sweet peppers. Another dish contained pickles. As I watched, he added the hot sweet peppers and pickles to his sandwich.

But before he did that, he picked up one of those hot peppers and stuck the whole thing in his mouth. He chewed it off it’s stem. He did this several more times while eating his lunch.

My mouth burned just watching him! I’ve never seen anyone stick one of those peppers in his mouth and eat it without something else in there, like bread or salad, to temper the heat.

This man obviously likes hot food. I think it would be interesting to check out the lining of his mouth. I’m thinking it’s asbestos.

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1 Response to The Man With The Asbestos Mouth

  1. Carole says:

    Do you recall that guy on the Russian tour with his parcel of jalapenos that he ate right up to teh stem during each meal???

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