Remembering Tang

With all the focus on the moon landing in recent days, I’m surprised no one has brought up the products which were developed for use by the astronauts. I know there was a freeze-dried ice cream. I never tried that. But the most commercial product, I think, was Tang. Do you remember this?

I have a recipe for a spiced tea which uses Tang, lemonade mix, instant tea and some spices. It makes quite a nice hot drink. I used to mix up big batches of it but haven’t made any for a long time.

The other week when I was at the grocery, I happened to see a special display of Tang. I hadn’t noticed it on the grocery shelves in a long time. So I got a container. The other night I wanted something to drink with my dinner but didn’t want to bother with making iced tea. I spied the Tang container. It was a matter of moments to mix up a big glass of Tang.

It would never fool me if I was expecting orange juice which it was promoted as a substitute for years ago. It tasted more like orange Kool-Aid or a flat orange soda. However, it was okay as a drink with my meal. I think it’s too sweet to drink on a regular basis and after drinking it the other night, I wondered about the amount of sugar that spiced tea recipe called for. Maybe my tastebuds have changed and I wouldn’t need any sugar.

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1 Response to Remembering Tang

  1. Susie says:

    We still buy Tang.

    Were you referring to Dipping Dots when you mentioned the dried ice cream? I had that once a few years ago.

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