Feeling Grouchy

I’m feeling grouchy so maybe you don’t want to read this post … fair warning!

I’ve not felt well for about 10 days so yesterday I went to see my doctor. My appointment was at 1:30 p.m. When I got there, I was told he was seeing a patient at the hospital and should be back shortly. I said if he wasn’t there in 30 minutes, maybe we should reschedule my appointment. Instead of doing that, the assistant put me in an examining room, weighed me and took my blood pressure. I sat in that examining room for another 30 minutes. I find this inexcusable.

I’m sorry for the sick patient at the hospital and I suppose if that was me, I’d appreciate the doctor being concerned enough to be there. But why wasn’t he there earlier in the morning? Why did he wait until noon to go there?

The office assistant told me he had gone to a town hall meeting our Congressman had on the House health care program yesterday morning and that the meeting ran longer than the two hours it was scheduled. I can understand why the doctor has a vested interest in learning more about this legislation but he had to go past the hospital to come to the office. Why didn’t he stop off and see the sick patient then? Why come in and leave again?

Okay, I finally see the doctor and he ends up writing a couple of prescriptions which I take to be filled. I was told it would be 45 minutes before they are ready so there I was wondering around in the store picking up first one thing and then another that I had no intentions of buying when I went in there. Another annoyance! But the prescriptions were ready in 45 minutes and it wasn’t the pharmacist’s fault that I found all these other items to buy as well.

Another thing which makes me grouchy is getting emails from friends which are forwards they’ve received that are nothing but photos or Powerpoint presentations or videos. I have dial-up Internet service (high speed DSL is not available where I live) and it takes so long to download this stuff that I end up deleting it without ever looking at it.

Maybe my prescriptions will kick in and I’ll feel better soon. That will help me get over the grumps.

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1 Response to Feeling Grouchy

  1. Susie says:

    That’s ok–we all have our days. You’re entitled to one once in a while. Re the forwards, I am with you on that. Maybe we should all get together with all our email buddies and form a pact not to forward!

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