Another Mini-Vacation

Yesterday I had another mini-vacation. This one really was a mini; it lasted just about an hour or maybe a little more but it was enjoyable even so.

I saw in the newspaper that there was a display of artifacts from the Titanic on display at one of the shopping malls in the area. This is not a mall where I normally shop so the trip to it was a bit of a vacation in itself. I expected the display to be in the mall itself but learned it was outside in the parking lot. It was in sort of a trailer.

When I walked up, I was given a boarding pass with the name of a passenger. I could later look on a display and discover whether or not “I” had survived. (Sadly, I did not.) My picture was taken in front of a backdrop painted to look like the grand staircase. I can retrieve it from the sponsoring company’s website.

A short walk along a path took me to the entrance. There were informational signs about the ship posted along this walk. Inside the trailer were the artifacts. I was a little disappointed that more weren’t on display. They were interesting nevertheless. Signs were posted telling about the class distinctions between the various sections of the ship. But the artifacts were mainly small items found in luggage. There was only one or two small things from the decor of the ship itself.

Near the end of the display was a big poster listing those who survived and those who didn’t. A man dressed as a ship captain gathered everyone in front of these signs and told a story about a Baptist minister who gave his life jacket away and who urged a man floating on a board to give his life to Christ. That man did survive and later told the story of the last sermon the minister had preached — to him.

It was pointed out that the people who perished did not drown. They froze to death.   It only took about 10 to 40 minutes, depending on your size and body fat, to freeze to death.  I don’t know that I’m comforted by that knowledge. Either way sounds like a painful death to me.

As I was driving back from my excursion, I noticed the many, many shades of green in the trees and grass. There’s a green with a blue undertone, green which has a yellowish cast, a green that’s a kind of grey-green. So many shades of green.

I finished my mini-vacation with dinner at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant where I enjoyed cashew chicken.

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1 Response to Another Mini-Vacation

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Your comment about the minister giving away his life jacket reminds me of the WWII era story of the “Four Chaplains” – a rabbi, two Protestant ministers, and a Catholic priest – who, when the US Navy ship they were on was sinking, gave away their life jackets (it turns out there hadn’t been enough) and went down with the ship together, so that four other young men might live.

    As they went down, they were reciting the “Shema” (the main prayer of Judaism) and the Lord’s Prayer, and singing together:

    It’s one of the things I think of when I begin to get fed up with humanity, that there are people out there who have done and will continue to do selfless acts out of love.

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