I have a denim skirt which has a button on it that I think is fairly common on denim items. It’s a metal circle with a bar across it. To sew it on, you stitch over that bar.

Sad to say, I’ve lost several of the buttons from my skirt. It’s been held closed with safety pins. So I was quite pleased to find a card of those buttons — which have been hard to find — when I stopped to get some dress patterns for my friend in New Zealand who is going to sew some cute outfits for her granddaughters. I bought a card of the buttons and came home, feeling rather proud of myself and happy that I would be able to eliminate the safety pins.

However, when I looked at the card after I got home, it said the buttons aren’t suitable for laundry or dry cleaning. What gives? How are you supposed to use these silly buttons? They are not the kind you can put on and take off every time the skirt needs to be laundered.  Why would you make a button that can’t go through the laundry or dry cleaning?

Well, I’m going to sew them on and the skirt will go in the laundry.  If the buttons come off, they come off and it will be back to the safety pins.

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