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Would a baby boy wear purple?

A week or ten days ago, maybe two weeks now that I think about it, I started a new knit project. It’s a baby sweater in a 12-month size and will go in my gift closet until the stork brings … Continue reading

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One Scarey Drive

Last night, as is my custom, I went to Bible Study at church. This month the pastor is teaching a series on Biblical prophecy which is proving to be very interesting. During the service, he mentioned someone had told him … Continue reading

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A Recipe Variation

When I was a girl, my mom sometimes made breaded pork steaks for supper. She would dip the pork steak in beaten egg and then in flour. It was then fried. These crusty pork steaks came out tender and delicious. … Continue reading

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Two Almost Finished Projects

I finished knitting my  “House Sweater” this week.  This is the Sassy Shrug from the September 2006 issue of Creative Knitting magazine. I used Red Heart Super Saver Multi in Candy Print for the sweater since I wanted a sturdy “wear … Continue reading

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A Tasty Treat

I love chocolate but as a diabetic, I shouldn’t really eat very much of it. On top of that, I’m allergic to it so must temper when I indulge in this forbidden treat so that I don’t upset my system. … Continue reading

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Mini-Vacation Extended

Sunday was Friends’ Day at church with just one service in the morning. This was followed by “dinner on the grounds” under a tent following the worship service. Some of the men had barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs.  We had potato chips, … Continue reading

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