Knitters’ Guild Potluck Lunch

Today was the annual potluck lunch of the Knitters Guild. At first it didn’t look like very many people would be there. But eventually probably 100 folks had come. As usual at such events, we had a wealth of food to eat.

This year the lunch was held at the Ethical Society. For some reason, we cannot use their kitchen which makes it tough to keep hot things hot. But there was a wide array of salads to choose from and some fried chicken which is good either cold or hot. The desserts were heavy on chocolate.

I took a Finnish Carrot Casserole, a recipe I found at http://kitchen-parade-veggieventure.blogspot when I did a search for carrot recipes. I had originally planned to take green beans with water chestnuts and soy sauce but discovered I already had carrots in the fridge when I came home from the store with a four-pound package of them. So I had to do something with carrots.

I put the casserole together last night and baked it this morning. It was tasty. The carrots still retained some crispness. I don’t know if it was meant to be like that, having never made this before, or if I should have baked it longer. About two-thirds of it was eaten and given the amount of food available, that was pretty good.

There was no entertainment at the luncheon. Those members who wanted to brought a “white elephant” gift and there was an exchange of those. I didn’t participate in that this year. Most times, I end up with something I truly can’t use. But at least I do better than my friend, N, who always seems to strike out. This year she got two balls of Sugar ‘N Cream cotton yarn in two different colors. She immediately gave it away. She only buys high end yarns so this cotton was not for her. One year she got an assortment of office supplies!

There were lots of people there I did not recognize or know. Some of the regular members who have attended for years were absent. N commented that we have a lot of new members. I remarked if I were a new member, I would not have come to that lunch because I would have been too shy. N is very outgoing so I guess she would not have had a problem.

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