Purple Sweater is Annoying Me

This little purple sweater must be for a boy … it’s getting on my nerves just like a hyperactive two-year-old boy!

I knit both fronts and was relatively pleased with them. Then I set about to seam the shoulders and knit the neckband. I discovered anew that multiple yarn ends — because of changing colors/yarns — aggravate you when it’s time to seam. They get in the way of sewing the seam. They still have to be worked in neatly once the seam is sewn. That would have been bad enough but no, this sweater had other mischief up its yet-to-be-knitted sleeve.

It created problems when picking up stitches for the neckband. Then when I’m knitting K1P1 ribbing, it had the audacity to create holes right where the band joined the seams. One was fixed by picking up an extra stitch and knitting two together. The other hole waited to reveal its existence until I was about half-way through the band. Then a “dropped” stitched poked its head up.

I’ve no idea where it came from but one of those pesky yarn ends came to the rescue. I threaded it through a yarn needle, ran the yarn through the dropped stitch and anchored it to the wrong side of the sweater front. Worked that yarn end through stitches in two or three directions and, hopefully, that stitch has learned its lesson and will stay where it belongs.

I just hope the front bands are better behaved.

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