A Protective Modem Mother

After having at least two modems fried by lightening which traveled on the phone wire, I now routinely unplug the phone line to the computer whenever we have thunderstorms or even the threat of a storm. That means that my computer has been disconnected from the Internet more than it’s been connected this week.

Modems aren’t all that expensive but it is tiresome to have to keep taking the CPU to the computer store to have one installed. Hence, my protective actions make sense to me.  Other people “mother” pets, plants, etc. I “mother” my modem.

We’ve had gentle rain showers, downpours of rain, fierce thunder, wicked jagged lightening, flash flood warnings, and “the usual suspects” flooded roads.  Thankfully, the storms haven’t produced a lot of high winds.   One suburb across the Mississippi got eight inches of rain the other day which resulted in mudslides and flooded highways.

Oops … it’s time to unplug the phone line.

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