A Stew of Topics

Just as a stew is made up of a variety of ingredients, all cooked together to make a savory dish, this post is made up of a variety of topics. Whether or not the result is a savory mix is up to you, Blog Reader.

Evidently watering the lawn does work like washing the car. We had rain several days over the weekend with most coming on Monday, the Memorial Day holiday. At times it was just a steady gentle rain. At times it was a downpour. For a brief time, the sun came out to peer between clouds. Thunder rolled but I didn’t see any lightening.

I was supposed to go to the Comptom Heights Band concert in the afternoon yesterday with a friend. We backed out because of the rain. Even if the band was able to play, the ground would have been soaked so our lawn chairs would have been mired in. If we were fortunate enough to get a place on the concrete pathway, the trees overhead would drip on us. We decided we didn’t need that.

Normally I would have hung out my American flag to honor the vets on the holiday. But given the rain, I decided not to do that. I didn’t want to deal with a wet flag and am not real sure what the protocol is for flying the flag in the rain.

During the afternoon yesterday I took myself to Wal-Mart to get a few cleaning supplies. I’m planning to paint the bathroom and needed a new paint pan and roller, drop cloth, etc. since I can’t find my other ones. Who would guess that there are fashions in painting supplies? I wanted a new paint pad. I find that much easier to control than a roller or brush. There weren’t any to be had. So I came home with a new paint pan, two rollers, a brush, drop cloth, etc., all packaged in one neat package.

As is often the case when one goes to Wal-Mart, I found myself picking up several other items, including things not on my shopping list. I was a little taken aback that I couldn’t find one of the items on the list. I thought Wal-Mart was supposed to have everything. At the check-out I discovered I had neglected to get one of the items on the list … skirt hangers. Oh, well …

As I headed toward home, I remembered the Big K-Mart store near my house. I don’t shop there often but I could get those skirt hangers which I really needed there. In I went. Typically, again I picked up several things which weren’t on my list. But I was able to get one item which Wal-Mart didn’t carry. I hope I can remember where I bought it the next time I want it.

Have you tried the new iced coffees at McDonald’s? I had a coupon for a buy one/get one free. I wheeled through there on my way home and got both drinks. I drank one. The other is in my freezer to serve as a treat on another day. They sure are tasty.

Later today an unemployed friend is scheduled to come dig the hole and help me get the new mailbox in place. I really think we’re going to have to postpone this because I can’t imagine doing this in the rain … which is forecast to last until Thursday or Friday. Given all the rain, I won’t have to water the lawn for a week or better!

How was your Memorial Day?

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