Does it work like washing the car?

When I was growing up, the folk wisdom was if you wanted it to rain, you washed the car … or in my family, polished your shoes. I’m wondering if watering the lawn works the same way.

I had my yard treated for moles and was advised to water the yard at least once or twice a week for several weeks to make sure the treatment is effective. I really haven’t had to do that because it’s been raining about every third day … until this week.

So I purchased a sprinkler — I had a hose — and set out to water the lawn yesterday. What a job that turned out to be! The water spigot in the back yard had very low water pressure. Fortunately the hose was long enough to reach the one in the front yard. But pulling the hose was heavy hard work. Then the sprinkler didn’t work properly. So the entire yard didn’t get watered but sections of it did.

What’s the weather forecast now that I’ve watered? You guessed it … showers for today and Sunday and storms pretty much all day on Monday!

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