What’s a letter?

One of my hobbies is writing letters. Several months ago my name was listed in an English penpal magazine as someone looking for new pen friends. As a result, several people wrote to me. I responded to them but it’s too early to tell yet who will become a friend and who will not.

One woman who wrote me asked a ton of questions. In fact, her letter was basically a list of questions, some of them a little more personal than I would care to answer at this point in our acquaintance. I would never have contenanced such questions if I had been asked them in a face-to-face or even phone conversation. I did answer her letter — and most of her questions — and perhaps I’ve written one additional letter to her.

Today I got a post card from her. She said she would have to stop writing me because she hates newsletter letters. I’m perplexed. What is a newsletter letter?

I’m not aware that I’m writing that kind of letter. If you were to combine my last three posts, you’d have a sample of a typical letter from me if you prefaced it with answers to any questions you had asked me.

So that’s got me to thinking about what  a letter is. Am I incorrect to think it’s an account of your personal news? What do you suppose she wanted me to write her?

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