Spring Break

I had my Spring Break last week when I drove to Columbia, Missouri, for the annual Women’s Seminar of the United Pentecostal Church. It was a beautiful day for the drive … pleasant temperatures, just a few clouds in the sky. As I drove, I enjoyed seeing the blooming spring trees, particularly the dogwood and redbud trees. It was clear to see why they are called understory trees.

Here, locally, they are often planted as a specimen tree in a landscape so you easily forget that they are meant to grow in the understory of a woods or forest. Driving along the highway, you could see them in their natural habitat. The “normal” trees — oaks, maples and the like — grow much taller than the dogwoods and redbuds. As you looked across the woods, you could see their blooms shining under the still unbudded branches of the other trees.

On my way to Columbia, I stopped in Fulton, MO. My goal was to visit the Churchill Museum at Westminister College. The museum is housed in the basement of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury church which was carefully dismantled in London and reconstructed on the grounds of Westminster College. The church was moved from London in 1965 and rebuilt here in Missouri as a memorial to Sir Winston Churchill. I believe the architect of the church was Sir Christopher Wren.

The museum was very interesting. A lot of it focussed on World War II but there was also a section on Churchill’s painting as well as his early years. In addition to the Churchill Museum, there was an art museum there which had mounted a watercolors show. Outside the church is a section of the Berlin Wall. Churchill came to the college and gave what is called his Iron Curtain Speech during his visit.

A lot of knitters look for yarn shops when they travel. The size of my stash means I don’t particularly need to do that so I determined I would look for a teapot for my souvenir of this trip. I found one in the gift shop at the Churchill Museum. Each time I use it to make tea, I’ll remember a very pleasant afternoon.

The Women’s Seminar was very interesting. The two speakers were excellent. It was fun to see friends from across the state again. Next year’s seminar will be held in Springfield, Missouri, a much farther drive so I don’t know if I’ll get to attend that one. But I’m thankful I got to attend this one. I came away with some new things to think about as I endeavor to grow spiritually.

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1 Response to Spring Break

  1. fillyjonk says:

    If I ever get up that way I should go to the Churchill museum. I don’t remember the exact degree of relatedness, but on my mother’s side I am (somewhat distantly) related to the Churchills.

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