Interesting Weekend

I had an interesting weekend … if you include Monday evening in the weekend.

It began with the Knitters’ Guild meeting on Saturday afternoon. The program was given by a member who is a Civil War re-enactor. She spoke on knitting for men during that time period. She described various items which were knitted, usually on machines, that were requisitioned by the Armies and then later by the United States Sanitation Corps. She had a man with her who modeled some of the re-created items. He was having fun with it and we all got a good laugh or two from his antics.

That night I went to the Symphony for a performance of “The Damnation of Faust” by Berlioz. I thought it was a very interesting performance on the part of the orchestra, the chorus, and the children’s chorus which joined everyone else at the end. The stage was crowded, to say the least. In fact, the children had to line up in front of the stage.  My enjoyment was aided by the English translations of the songs. I thought while reading them, it must be somewhat what it’s like to watch a movie with subtitles. But I would have been lost without them.  Unfortunately, the concert reviewer wasn’t as impressed as I was.  To be fair, she attended an earlier performance so perhaps it wasn’t as polished as the one I heard.

Tonight I went to a book signing by Kate Jacobs who wrote “The Friday Night Knitting Club.” She was here to promote her new book, “Comfort Food.” She was an interesting speaker and then read a few pages from the book. Her appearance was sponsored by one of the local yarn shops at the nearby Borders.   At the conclusion of the signing, they described a pair of needles and a skein of yarn to those getting their books signed.  The sample of the blackberry latte Borders distributed before Kate started speaking was very tasty!

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