There’s been quite a buzz in the media about Susan Boyle’s singing “I Dream a Dream” in the Britain’s Got Talent audition and how she wowed the judges. Every mention of it made me want to hear this. I was curious, so curious that I listened in very short segments to it on YouTube because my dial-up Internet service only gives me about two seconds at a time before making me wait for it to download more.

It was worth it to hear her … and to see the surprised delight on the female judge’s face and the change on the faces of the two male judges. It was clear they felt very superior to her before she began singing.

I was so impressed that Susan has a dream and is still pursuing it. It seems a lot of people think only the young have dreams. Consequently, they discounted Susan because of her age … and her appearance. But her dream is still alive and she is pursuing it. I only have lots of good wishes for her. May her dream come true and may we all share in it.

Thinking of Susan made me wonder if I still have dreams. I’m not really sure I do. Maybe I need to get one … or two.

I think dreams differ from goals. With a goal, you can identify steps to take to achieve it. But a dream is born in your heart and it’s harder to identify how to make it come true. Perhaps goals start as dreams. You dream of achieving something, then identify a goal which becomes a part of the dream and then you can start taking steps to achieving the goal, thus making your dream come true.

Do you have a dream? Are you taking steps to make it come true? Or are you content for it to just remain a dream?

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