Hope for a better day

I hope today is a better day, one that closes with me feeling that I accomplished something. Yesterday feels like it was wasted.

The day started early and my body didn’t want to be dragged out of bed. However, it was necessary because I had to take my sister for her pre-chemo blood work. So up I got and groggily got myself together and on the road to her house.

Once the blood work was done and we were back at her house, we watched Rachel Ray’s cooking show. I love to watch her and would be interested in getting a ticket to be in the studio audience. Anyone know if that’s possible or how to achieve it?

Next stop was the gas station since I was driving nearly on fumes. Then I hit the Hobby Lobby. They had sewing patterns on sale for $1.99. I’d like to make some summer skirts. I had looked at patterns at JoAnns over the weekend and was horrified that they were $15.99. For a sewing pattern! By the time I spent that much and then bought fabric, I could buy a ready-made skirt. But the $1.99 pattern price was to my liking.

While at Hobby Lobby I saw a woman I used to work with at Michaels. We had a nice chat but I can’t for the life of me remember her name. Hope this isn’t the beginning of age-related senility.

Once I was finished at Hobby Lobby, I headed for Bed, Bath and Beyond where I purchased a wedding gift. The wedding is this Saturday. Got the item I wanted and was able to use a 20% off coupon.

Back home I started to check email, stopped to check the status of some prescriptions and discovered the items prescribed are no longer manufactured so the pharmacist was going to contact the doctor. Back to email. Interrupted by an insurance agent who came to enlighten me about changes in Medicare for 2009. I was stunned that she was here for almost three hours!

Managed to get the meatloaf and scallopped potatoes in the oven for dinner. While that was baking, I headed out to pick up the prescriptions. Got delayed while the pharmacist checked them but eventually I had them. Stopped at the Post Office to mail some things and then back home to my, by then, very late dinner.

Is it any wonder I feel like the day was wasted? Oh, well, today is a new day and hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish the unfinished items on my to do list.

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