Flying Off the Needles

About a week ago I started knitting a v-neck baby cardigan for an upcoming baby gift. The mom-to-be knows the babe will be a boy so I’m knitting this mostly in navy yarn.

When I worked at Michaels as a knitting instructor, the store manager pointed to some sock yarn they were selling. She told me I needed to buy some and knit it up. I did buy two balls of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. I used one ball when I made this same cardigan for my “My First Sweater” class. It later was displayed in the store as a class sample. After that it was stolen so I did not get it back.

The yarn has stripes of red/white fake fair aisle, and then some greens and some navy. I paired it with Patons Astra in navy. The back, sleeves, and button bands are in the navy with the fronts being in the striping yarn. It really turns out cute.

As is usual when I try to knit from stash, I had to buy more navy to go with my remaining ball of the Sassy Stripes. I got it at a local knit shop which is closing up due to the owner’s ill health in her “going out of business sale.”

It is surprising me how fast this little sweater is knitting up. I have the fronts and back knit and started the first sleeve today. I should have it completed in plenty of time for any baby shower given the mom-to-be. I just hope the speedy completion doesn’t mean that Boy Baby decides to come really early.

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