A Trip to the Hospital

No, it wasn’t an emergency. A hospital in a nearby suburb is closing next week. I believe senior housing is planned for their site. A new hospital, with a new name, was built in my area to take its place.

Today is the grand opening. Everyone is invited to come tour the hospital. Being a little nosey, I went to see it because I must admit it’s comforting to know a hospital will be that close, even if my doctor isn’t on the staff there.

It is a beautiful place. There are lots of big windows which let in a lot of outside light. All the rooms are private ones. They are spacious and have a couch sort of thing which would make a single bed for a family member to stay with you if desired. It’s a paperless system so outside of each room in a little nook is a computer for the nurse to chart things for your care.

Today big blue arrows were taped on the floor so you could follow them as you took one of the self-guided tours. I saw the emergency area. I was a little disappointed to learn that the hospital isn’t a trauma center. In the birthing area, the nursery was full of sleeping babies (dolls). In the cafeteria area refreshments were on offer — cheese, sausage, fruit, cookies. If you registered, you were given a nice tote bag, complete with an outside pocket. I thought it would make a good knitting bag.

There are meditation rooms off an area where family members can gather while waiting for a birth to take place. I looked in one. It had two stained glass windows from the chapel at the other hospital in the inside wall. The sun was shining through a window and then through the stained glass.

I also saw the chapel which was small but nice. The Stations of the Cross (this is a Catholic hospital) were along one wall, set in niches. There’s also a lovely gift shop.

I much prefer touring a hospital as I did today instead of as a patient. They move in at the end of next week. One hour after the patients from the old hospital are transferred and settled into the new one, the old one will close. I hope they are as pleased with the new surroundings as I am.

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