They’re Done!

No, not all my various knitting projects sitting around in stages of completion. It’s my income taxes which are done.

I like to get my taxes filed as early as possible. That’s why I took all the paperwork to the accountant about a month ago. I was beginning to get concerned about when the work would be completed and had decided that perhaps I should call and inquire.

But Tuesday night I came home from my St. Patrick’s dinner at Ponderosa to a message to call and review my taxes with the accountant. I was able to pick up the papers yesterday. The returns, Federal and state, were filed electronically. Now all that remains is for me to get the money together and mail it in.

The accountant’s fees were the highest I’ve ever paid but my return this year was more complicated than it has ever been due to some actions I had taken last year. I was so relieved when I learned that I did not owe as much as I had been told I might. Just knowing that and that the paperwork has been filed is a load off my mind.

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1 Response to They’re Done!

  1. Carole says:

    you are triggering me into action although I have another month to go. I have just written out the cheques for our last year’s payments and they will be posted thsi afternoon ready to meet the April deadline.


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