An Easy Soup for a Cold Day

It’s cold and grey today. Snow showers are expected to result in an inch of snow. It is definitely a winter day. I hope the robin I saw eyeing my large maple tree as a possible site for its new nest has a sheltered place to be today. It arrived before Spring.

So what’s a tasty meal for such a day as today? Soup! In my reading in the last couple of weeks, I came across an easy potato soup recipe which I tried last week. It was delicious and used some leftovers. I baked some cornbread to go with it. So here’s the recipe:

Some amount of leftover mashed potatoes, whatever you have

Milk, enough to thin the potatoes to soup consistency

Garnishes: whatever you like … grated cheese, bacon bits, chopped green onions or other herbs

Warm the soup gently until hot, whisking while it heats. Pour into a soup plate or cup and enjoy.

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2 Responses to An Easy Soup for a Cold Day

  1. Mike says:

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  2. Erick says:

    This is delicious looking recipe! I’ll be sure to bookmark it. Thanks for sharing it! I’ll really enjoy eating this. A+!

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