A Mini-Vacation

I’ve been receiving emails detailing Southwest Airline’s new flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul. I’ve been casting around for vacation ideas and thought maybe this would be a good opportunity to explore an area new to me. Plus there could be shopping at the Mall of America. If I timed it right, I might even be able to get a ticket to A Prairie Home Companion at the Fitzgerald Theater.

I clicked through and discovered the flights were more pricey than I really wanted to spend. So I thought that vacation idea had died, taking with it my chance to attend a live performance of  A Prairie Home Companion.  I’m a faithful listener to NPR and really want to attend a live performance of one of my favorite radio shows.

On my way home from the Symphony last week, I watched the marquee at the Fox Theatre while waiting for the stoplight to change.  Did I really see a notice scroll across that Garrison Keillor was going to be there?  Yes, it’s true.  He’s bringing his show to the Fox for one night in May.  Could I possibly salvage a bit of my vacation dream?

An email offering a discounted ticket made it’s way to my Inbox.  I clicked through and in a short while had managed to purchase a ticket to the performance.  I rationalized I could afford this because I’m saving the price of the airfare and the cost of a hotel — money I would have spent if I had gone to Minnesota.

The performance is not until May 30 but I’m going to have a bit of a mini-vacation that day when I take myself to the Fox to see a live performance of one of my favorite radio shows.  Now, I just must remember to take my binoculars with me because my seat is in the balcony in a 4,000 theatre.

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