Using Leftovers

Recently I read an article about making use of leftovers in these uncertain economic times. The author referenced taking home uneaten parts of your meal when you eat out in restaurants, making second meals from them and using every bit of the food you cook at home.

I agree that this is a good idea. In fact, sometimes when I cook, I make deliberate “planovers,” where I plan to have leftovers to have at a later time during the week. An example would be cooking a roast on Sunday so I could have sandwiches later in the week either for dinner (with gravy) or in a sack lunch.

I do, however, have a problem with this approach. Sometimes I end up with leftovers of the leftovers. Adding something to the leftover portion of a meal may produce a large enough meal that I have leftovers from it. I can see this spinning into a never-ending meal. You have to know when to just give up and toss the leftovers.

I often have the same problem with my knitting. Like most knitters, I end up with leftover balls of yarn. These rarely are enough to make something else so I gather a collection of them and try to combine them into a new project. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t. If the leftover yarn is a good-sized ball or even several balls and I think, “Oh, I can make this” from that yarn, I invariably run out.

Or I look in my stash, find what I think is enough yarn to make a project, and run out shortly before project completion. At that point, I usually have to buy another ball of yarn to complete that project … and then I have leftovers again.

I don’t know what the solution is. How do I make use of my leftovers so they get used (or eaten) up without generating more leftovers? It’s prudent to make use of your available funds and supplies but the trick is to not exceed what they can cover.

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