Signs of Spring

Like most folks, there are signs of spring that I look for every year. Blooming forsythia, daffodils brightening the roadsides, robins searching for worms in my yard, and birds nesting in my big maple tree are all welcome indicators that spring is either here or soon to arrive. None of them have appeared yet this year.

We’ve been having mild weather this week but the temp started dropping again yesterday and that four-letter word — snow — has been mentioned in the forecast for the weekend. It’s not spring; it’s only the February thaw.

Thus it was with disbelief that I recognized another sign of spring today … the tune played merrily by the ice cream truck! Surely it isn’t time for it to start trolling for customers in the neighborhood.  It can’t be spring yet.

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1 Response to Signs of Spring

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    We, too are watching for the signs of spring that you mentioned. We do see many robins already. Art said some of them stay around here all year, but, if so, they have been invisible to me until the last couple of weeks. There was even a flock of them in our backyard the other evening. We’ve only had snow one time here in northern middle TN this year, at least, so far. Last year we got 4 inches on March 4th! Happy almost spring!

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