Scarey Smart Coffeemaker

Wednesday I took my sister to a local hospital for her chemotherapy session. The day got off to a great start by my getting stuck in the snow in my driveway. Thanks to a kind neighbor who shoveled and shoved, I was eventually in the street and on my way to pick her up. From her house, once we got out of her subdivision, we had no problems getting to the hospital. The city had done a good job of clearing the major arterial streets.

At the hospital, she first had an appointment with her doctor. Then we went to the Induction Center where she would get her treatment. We were given a small cubicle with a recliner for her and a chair for me. The area was not large but wasn’t all that uncomfortable. I settled in with my knitting.

After a little while, I went to the refreshment area to get some juice and chips for my sister. In this refreshment area I met a scarey smart coffeemaker. I had never seen one like it.

You put your styrofoam cup under a spout, pressed a button indicating you wanted to brew coffee — it had probably six other choices — and then a little drawer/slot thing opened on the front. You selected a packet of coffee from the wide variety on offer and inserted it in this slot. At the top of the packet was something which looked sort of like the top of a vaccine bottle and was designed to be pierced. Once you had your packet in the proper place, you closed the little door and the machine brewed your cup of coffee. The screen on the front of the machine told you what it was doing until it was time to take your cup and drink it.

It’s intimidating to feel that a machine is smarter than you are! But I didn’t let it get the best of me. In fact, I brewed two cups of coffee while we were there that day.

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