What’s A Single To Do?

In my email inbox this morning I found two “birthday gifts” from restaurants. I do have an upcoming birthday so this was not totally unexpected. I opened each message, hoping to find a coupon for a free meal which I’d consider a nice birthday gift.

The offer was, indeed, for a free meal but only if I bought another meal and two beverages. So how is this a gift to me? Do I call a friend, invite them to go out to eat and hand them the coupon so they can pay, thus getting my free meal?

The coupon specifies some restrictions, one of which is it can’t be used on a “to go” purchase. I’d gladly go to the restaurant, pay for a meal and two beverages and stay there to eat the meal if I could bring the second meal home to be enjoyed later. What I’m not comfortable with is more or less forcing a friend to go with me just to get the free meal.

So what’s a single to do? Eat at home and deny herself the pleasure of a meal at these two favorite restaurants? Register a protest with the restaurant manager?

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1 Response to What’s A Single To Do?

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I usually just ignore the coupons, and eat out wherever I want to if I feel like that kind of a treat.

    In a few rare cases I’ve saved them (if they have a long expiration date) and then taken a friend out so they get the free meal.

    But yeah – I’m not sure why they wouldn’t do a “get one meal half-off” deal with those. Surely there are enough solo diners out there?

    It also bugs me that one of the grocery stores here does buy-one-get-one-free. If it’s a perishable item I know I won’t use up, they won’t give half price if you buy ONE – you have to take the second free or just pay full price for the single one. For nonperishables, that’s fine, I can put it on the shelf or take it to the food bank, but for stuff like milk or eggs it’s kind of pointless for me.

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