Selfish Knitting

Most knitters seem to only knit for others, either family members or for charity. This unselfish knitting is a good thing. But do they ever knit something for themselves?

It might have been a reaction to all the holiday knitting which took place but there was a small movement started to make January a month for selfish knitting. I signed up. I’ve worked on projects for others this month but in addition I have finished a scarf for myself. Yippee! It is the Classic Elite’s October pattern in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I purchased the yarn when I was in Kansas City in October as a souvenir. My now completed scarf will be a hug of memories of that trip. The yarn is a wool bamboo blend which is nice and soft now that it’s knitted but was a bit splitty while working with it.

I’ve also started a hat for myself. I’m not sure I’ll get that completed yet this month but I hope to. It’s a bucket style hat by Amy Swensen. I’m using Lionbrand’s Jiffy for this. This mohair looking yarn is working up very nice. I do hope I can finish my hat during this month of selfish knitting. If I do, I’ll be able to wear it at least a few times before winter is over.

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