Some Thoughts on Greeting Cards

I’ve been working through my Christmas cards, updating the address book and answering enclosed letters. Some of the cards were hand made. These ranged from very simple to more elaborate creations.

I’ve never gotten into making cards although, obviously, I have friends who enjoy this hobby. As I think about making cards, I question what do you do about envelopes? Can you buy envelopes which would match your cards? It doesn’t appear that the cards I received are standard card sizes.

Another question is about the sentiment written inside the card. Do you write your own? Do you use a favorite poem? Do you copy the verse from a previously purchased card? If you do that, are you violating copyright?

How do you determine who gets a handcrafted card and who gets a purchased one? I thought of that this morning as I addressed some purchased cards which I’m mailing today. It was a variety — one get well card, one “thinking of you” card for an elderly shut-in and one sympathy card. Receiving a greeting card is always a pleasure for me. I hope the recipients of the cards I mail today will feel the same way.

If you enjoy making cards, would you take a few minutes and leave a comment with the answers to my questions?

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1 Response to Some Thoughts on Greeting Cards

  1. Robbyn says:

    I haven’t done it recently, but I used to make cards all the time. When I was in card-creating mode, I never sent purchasedcards – everyone got the hand made ones.

    For the envelope : Use the same paper as you used for the card. If you used something likecard stock for the card, pick up a box of heavy weight 100% cotton rag to use for the envelopes.

    Place a sheet of paper on a flat surface in front of you. Place your completed card on the paper, centering it between the long sides and slightly more towards the top edge than the bottom.

    Fold the sides of the paper over the card. Fold the bottom up over the card. Now, just fold the top down (it shouldn’t quite reach the bottom of the card) and glue or tape in place.

    Turn the whole thing over, decorate, address and send!

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