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New Neighbors Have Christmas Spirit

The house across the street was listed for sale about two months ago. The real estate sign in the front yard was for a company I’d never heard of. But they must really know their business because the house has … Continue reading

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Another knitting puzzle

There’s a woman at my church who has been undergoing chemotherapy. As you would expect, she lost all her hair and has been wearing a number of different scarves and hats. I got the idea to knit her a hat … Continue reading

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Reading Tutor Activity

Tomorrow is the day I go to the elementary school to tutor a student in reading. I usually plan an art project to go with whatever book we’re going to read.  Last week we made an Advent Calendar. Tomorrow we’re … Continue reading

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Scratching the travel itch

I realized last night that there’s another way to scratch the travel itch. I attended the Travel Lecture Series at Washington University. This series of films/lectures has been offered for over 100 years! Each month a speaker comes and shows … Continue reading

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A travel itch

Last night I attended a talk by Rick Steve about his European travels.  He showed some slides and talked about them, about why he likes to travel in Europe, the experiences he has and the kinds of things people who … Continue reading

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Where IS it?

Where is my Christmas card list?  It’s time to get busy writing my cards and I can’t find my list.  For several years now I’ve kept the list on my computer.  I even set it up to print address labels … Continue reading

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