Winding up 2008

It’s time to wind up the year and get ready for the new one. I’m giving thought to getting my financial records together to take to the accountant who prepares my taxes. I think I’m in pretty good shape as far as my business records go and the record of my medical expenses. It shouldn’t take long to go through my check register and double check that I’ve made a note of other things that go on the tax return.

Today a charity made their last sweep down my street in 2008, collecting donations for their thrift shop. I had a donation out for them. That is another tax deduction I can take. I found a couple of other items I should have included but I’ll set them aside as “starter” for the next donation. This particular charity tends to come every six weeks or so. Sometimes I don’t have anything for them but I have a box out in the garage where I put items as I come across them in cleaning. Then it is easy to get the donation together.

I’ve agreed to participate in LynnH’s “knit selfishly  in January”  idea so I’m working to finish up some chemo hats I’m knitting for the friend of a friend. I’m hopeful that I’ll get that done by midnight December 31 but if I don’t, surely I can do a little unselfish knitting in January as long as I knit something for myself. I’m planning to concentrate on my intarsia sweater, started two years ago. I don’t enjoy knitting intaraia but I like the finished results. I seem to conveniently forget that I don’t like to knit it until I’ve started a project that calls for it.

A columnist in the newspaper this morning mentioned that most newspapers do an end of the year review at this time of the year with the focus seeming to be on all the negative things which happened. He wanted to be more positive. His column was in honor of a politician who recently passed away. She was a force to be reckoned with in her city and did a lot of good there. I’m glad he wrote about her.

I’ll take down the Christmas decorations on New Year’s Day. Then I want to go through my Christmas cards and update my address book. I also need to set aside the letters which I hope to answer in the first week or so of 2009.

Do you make New Year resolutions? I usually don’t. But I think I’d like to set a goal or two for the coming year. One goal would be to answer mail more promptly. If you set goals, do you want to share them?

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