Counting My Blessings

A phrase from a song keeps running through my mind today … “count-ing my bless-ings.” I know we usually do that at Thanksgiving but I want to do that today.

I’m currently knitting some chemo hats for a friend to give a friend of hers who is going through chemotherapy. She has lost all her hair after just two treatments. It’s a blessing to me that I know how to knit and can make these hats. It’s a blessing that I have such a compassionate friend.

The youth group at church are collecting blankets for the homeless or the needy in shelters. As I add my blanket to their collection, I count the blessing of a warm house and sufficient blankets.

The weather today is not the best. We’re having freezing rain, sleet, cold … just miserable winter weather. I count the blessing of being able to decide to stay in and not be out in the weather. In addition, I count the blessing of the folks who do work out in the weather to make the streets safe for travel and to restore the power when the ice brings down the power lines.

Yes, today is a good day to count your blessings.

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