Grass Roots Recycling

I was thinking this morning about the grass roots recycling efforts which take place in my subdivision. If you have something you wish to get rid of — couch, mattress, barbecue, computer monitor — just set it out on the end of your driveway. Within hours it will disappear as someone driving by “shops” your driveway.

I was reminded of this again yesterday. My next door neighbor put out his barbecue. Maybe he thinks Santa is going to bring him a bigger better one. For whatever reason, there it sat next to his trash can since yesterday was trash pick-up day. In a little while I heard some clanging. I looked out. No, it wasn’t the trash hauler. It was someone picking up the barbecue.

So it was recycled at the grass roots level. No listing on Freecycle but the result was the same. It went to someone who saw some value in it and who wanted it.

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