Where IS it?

Where is my Christmas card list?  It’s time to get busy writing my cards and I can’t find my list.  For several years now I’ve kept the list on my computer.  I even set it up to print address labels to make sending the cards easier.  I wanted to update a couple of addresses so I went looking for the list.  But I can’t find it.

I’ve looked through all my document files.  It’s not there.  I used the “search” feature on the computer and it looked all around, trying to find it.  No success there either.

My next thought was to see if I saved last year’s cards so I could at least make the list of who sent cards to me.  That would speed things up a bit … if I knew what I did with the cards.  I’m sure I saved them but where did I put them?  And if I find a group of cards rubber-banded together, how can I be sure they’re from 2007?  I didn’t mark the year on them in any way.

I guess there’s nothing left for me to do but sit down with my address book and recreate the list.  This is a bother because I had hoped to get the cards in the mail in the next day or two.  I have a busy schedule tomorrow so it may be the weekend before I can get the cards in the mail.  I’ve already purchased the stamps and I do know where they are.

But where could that list have gone?  Surely I wouldn’t have deleted it from the computer.

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