A question to ponder

When did losing bladder control become a measure of how funny a situation is?  I’ve read the expression “I laughed until I nearly wet my pants” several times in the last few days.  I don’t get the connection between humor and loss of bladder control.  I know this happens but what ties the two things together?  Even ads for various bladder control drugs reference laughing and bladder control loss. 

If you don’t lose control of your bladder, does that mean the situation wasn’t funny?  How much control do you have to lose to judge something as funny … a little leak, a gush, or a full-out flood?  Seems to me losing bladder control would make a situation embarrassing and not amusing at all.

Just something to think about this weekend before Thanksgiving.  Perhaps a spare thought of thanksgiving for good bladder control even in the face of great humor would be appropriate.

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1 Response to A question to ponder

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, I find that description somewhat uncomfortable as well. I would think it would stop the laughter pretty fast if that happened.

    I will say I count it as a good situation when I laugh so hard I start to cry. (Leaking water from another place…) It doesn’t happen often but it sometimes does. (Usually when I’m around my brother and sister-in-law- we all have very similar senses of humor and we can usually get some good humor synchronicity going.)

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