In praise of knit dishcloths

Yesterday I took my car to the dealer for an oil change.  I settled in the waiting area with my knitting (a scarf, thanks for asking) while my car was being serviced.  The service manager came to me with some questions … and his first one was “What are you making?”  I told him.  He then proceeded to tell me about his grandmother who knits dishcloths.  She gave him three for Christmas last year and he couldn’t say enough about how durable they are, how well they clean, how pretty they are … he just raved on and on about the lowly knit dishcloth.

So, if you are looking for an idea for a Christmas gift which will be appreciated time after time, break out the cotton yarn and knit some dishcloths.  According to the service manager at my auto dealer’s it’s a gift which will outshine all others.

There are lots of free patterns on the Internet and Leisue Arts has books of patterns as well.  In addition, you can make up your own patterns, using a stitch dictionary.  Cast on enough stitches to make a square about 7 inches or so, whatever size you like best, do a garter stitch border of four or five stitches and then use whatever stitch pattern you want in the body of the dishcloth.  Best of all, dishclothes don’t take a long time to knit and are a small project you can carry with you in case you have unexpected waiting time.

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2 Responses to In praise of knit dishcloths

  1. Robbyn says:

    I like to use these in the tub or shower too. The cotton is kind to the skin while being sturdy enough to clean well and exfolliate gently. I usually keep half a dozen on hand at any given time 🙂

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Not to mention that you can boil cotton dishcloths if you get concerned about their sanitariness. Or, if you use undyed cotton, you can bleach them.

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