Is it time to put up the outside Christmas decorations already?

I’m busy concentrating on the Thanksgiving dinner I’ll be cooking for my family next week … wondering when to buy the turkey so it will have time to thaw, what side dishes to make, what dessert to take to the church celebration, etc.  I’ve given a little thought to Christmas but certainly haven’t considered whether or not it’s time to put up the decorations.

A house I drive by frequently had a rather attractive Halloween display up.  I think it was inflatable pumpkins, etc.  At any rate, shortly after Halloween, they took it down and put up those little deer which are made from white lights.  I know a lot of people consider them to be Christmas decorations but I didn’t pay too much attention, assuming they could just be winter decorations.  Sunday night when I drove to church, I was taken by surprise by a house which had its outside lights up … and on.  Whoa … we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet popped into my mind.

Yesterday on my way to an appointment, I noticed a house on a street about a block away had all their outside decorations up.  They go all out with lights on the house, outlining the yard, multiple figures outlined in lights, etc.  They didn’t have them turned on since it was in the daylight but they’re ready for the holiday.

One reason I’m so surprised to see the home decorations going up already is all the comment about the economy I hear on the radio and read in the newspaper.  We’re all supposedly really worried about how to reduce our expenses, are cutting back on gifts, are not going out to eat as often and the “wise ones” are exhorting us to get busy spending so we’ll stimulate the economy.  I doubt very much that my level of spending will stimulate anything.  But these folks who are putting up extravagant outdoor light displays may be successful at stimulating the electrical company.  I expect to hear that the local electric company turned a profit in these last six weeks of the year, thanks to the folks who put up the displays.

Maybe I should start thinking about getting my Christmas cards ready to send.

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