What is flexibility as it relates to knitting?  I got to thinking about that as I changed my mind — more than once — about what to do with the leftover yarn from my vest.  At first, I thought I might make a hat and mittens for my great-nephew as part of his Christmas present.  I thought I’d use the leftovers from two projects, one a solid and one a variegated.  Then I decided the solid didn’t really blend that well with the variegated and that I had enough to do a hat for a toddler without needing the contrast yarn.

Next came the decision about pattern.  I found one that was knit from the top down.  I’d never knit a hat that way and thought that would be a fun choice.  After losing my slippery double-point needles out of my work several times, I gave up and decided to knit it from the bottom up.  I determined (without knitting a gauge swatch – naughty, naughty) how many stitches to cast on.  I merrily started the bottom ribbing, fully intending to switch to stockinette at some point, after I had a deep enough ribbing to turn up a nice cuff.  Then I decided I’d just make the entire hat in ribbing.

I became entranced with how the colors in this variegated yarn are spiraling around the hat.  As I knit away, I wondered if the little boy would really wear the hat.  Would his parents put it on him?  Would he keep it on?  The next idea which occurred to me was to knit a matching hat for his father.  Maybe if Daddy had a hat like his, he’d want to wear it.

Well, we’ll have to wait and see on that.  I probably have enough yarn to do the two hats but I don’t know about the mittens.  I have a hunch that I’ll be buying another skein of yarn before this project is completed … just as I always have to do when I try to knit from my stash or to use up the leftovers of one project in a new one.

So, does all the changing of my mind mean I’m flexible about my knitting … or just wishy-washy?

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