Everything’s Shrinking

All of us, I’m sure, have had the experience of going to our closet, taking out a garment we haven’t worn in a while and discovering it has shrunk.  It now pulls in across our tummies or hips or maybe across our shoulders.  Buttons gap; zippers refuse to zip.  Why is this?  Does it happen at the dry cleaners?  Is there some noxious gas that gets into our closets and causes this?

Whatever it is, the same thing is now happening at the grocery store.  Cereal boxes are smaller than before.  The “giant” size is now the size of a “regular” size box.  Five pounds of staples like flour and sugar now come in four pound packages.  You can still squeeze the Charmin but your fingers are touching a smaller roll.  Instead of boasting about more sheets per roll, mum’s the word as the rolls get thinner.  Pound cans of coffee now weigh 12 or 13 ounces. 

The only thing which isn’t shrinking is the price of each item.  In fact, you may actually be paying more for less! 

Even with all this shrinking, my closet and cupboards remain stuffed.  Do you suppose there is some reversal mechanism which makes the items inflate to their former size once in the cupboard and/or pantry?  That isn’t true for the clothes or toilet paper rolls.  Once they shrink, they remain shrunk.  I think the diet industry is missing a good thing.  If they could apply the same product to human bodies that shrinks our clothes and packages, they’d be on to a sure money-maker.

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1 Response to Everything’s Shrinking

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I think perhaps some clothing manufacturers are cutting less-generously as well. I had the unsettling situation a couple weeks ago of trying on an “extra large” blouse in a Kohl’s and finding that it pulled across the bust, through the shoulders, and was too tight in the arms. It upset me enough that I actually took all my measurements again when I got home to see if I had, in fact, gotten fatter.

    Nope. Same as always. All my “old” blouses still fit fine. So I don’t think Kohl’s will be getting any of my clothing dollars for a while. (The Lane Bryant next door though – their smallest size fit generously, and what’s more, it was actually tailored with bust darts, so not only was it big enough in the bust, it was small enough in the waist.)

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