It snuck up on me

The change back to standard time snuck up on me.  I hadn’t given it a thought until I read about it on Fillyjonk’s blog ( the other day.  So I must turn my clocks back.  I can really use that extra hour of sleep tonight.  I helped in the kitchen at a wedding reception this afternoon with the result that I am really tired.  I think it was all that standing on my feet which wore me out.  In a way, it’s too bad I can’t bank that extra hour.  I could sure use it Monday night.  I’m working as an election judge on Tuesday and must be at my polling place at 5 a.m.  Just the thought of getting up at 4 a.m. in order to get there on time exhausts me.  But I’ll take my extra hour of sleep tonight and be thankful to have it.

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