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Finding a song

Earlier this week a friend invited me to attend the performance of Godspell being put on by the students of a community college about 30 to 45 minutes drive away.  Last night we went.  Neither one of us had ever … Continue reading

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Reading tutor tales

One of the things I do during the school year is volunteer as a reading tutor through the OASIS program.  I work with two students for one hour each in a local elementary school.  Usually the students are first graders … Continue reading

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ISO breakfast ideas

I’m in search of breakfast ideas, specifically low carb breakfasts.  I’m working on a weight management program with my doctor.  We’ve identified one of my problem areas as being a love of carbohydrates which he would like me to limit.  Breakfast … Continue reading

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Describing a life

Recently I read an article in a newsletter I receive about describing your life in six words.  I gave it some thought.  How would I sum my life up in six descriptive words.  After some thought I ended up with … Continue reading

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20 Wishes

Yesterday I went to the library.  Among the books I checked out was Debbie Macomber’s “Twenty Wishes.”  I haven’t read the entire book yet but the four main characters are all widows.  Sounds gloomy, doesn’t it?  It isn’t.  These four … Continue reading

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