Practicing for Thanksgiving

Today gave me opportunities to practice for Thanksgiving, providing opportunities to be grateful.

The day started with my needing to have some blood work done at a new-to-me lab.  I was later leaving my house than I had planned but I met mostly green traffic lights on my way there so I got there in plenty of time to have my tests done.  I was the only patient there at that time so I didn’t have to wait.  This was important because I had to pick up my sister to drive her to a scheduled medical test she was having done.  We got there on time.  Lots of little opportunities to be grateful.

We then planned to do some early Christmas shopping.  Our first stop was at Hobby Lobby.  There I found a gift I needed that I have to mail to a friend; hence, the early shopping.  My sister found six gifts she needed for a big party of her husband’s family, all of them on sale.  We walked out feeling very happy with the way our day was going.  Well, we were happy until I tried to start the car.  The battery was as dead as Marley’s ghost!  My cell phone battery was also dead.  We were parked near an Arby’s so I walked in there to see if they had a pay phone.  The answer was no but the nice young man behind the counter loaned me his cell phone and his minutes so I could call my auto club.  When I returned his phone and offered to pay him for the use of it, he said no.  More opportunities to be grateful.

My sister went inside Arby’s to buy our lunch while I stood by the car to wait the arrival of the road service person.  It was a beautiful fall day so waiting wasn’t uncomfortable, unlike earlier in the week.  She came back and we had a picnic on the trunk while we waited.  While she was in the restaurant, a woman stopped to see if I was in trouble.  The road service technician came and managed to jump start my car but it took him several attempts.  As we were getting ready to leave, another person in the parking lot alerted me to the fact that my trunk was open and slammed it shut for me.  More opportunities to be grateful.

I decided to drive straight to the Firestone store where my nephew works and buy a new battery.  Although we had to wait longer than my sister wanted to wait, he was able to take my car in right away and had the electrical system tested before they put in the new battery.  The old battery was so dead they had to charge it before they could test the electrical system!  I had drained it of every volt it had.  The only downside to the experience was I had forgotten to take my knitting in with me so I sat and watched TV while I waited.  More opportunities to be grateful, especially when I thought about my recent trip to Kansas City.  This could have happened while I was away from home.

Once the car was back on the road we headed to the last store my sister wanted to visit.  She found what she wanted there and was able to use her coupons to purchase it.  Can we all say it together … more opportunities to be grateful.

So, I’m getting in practice for Thanksgiving.  How about you?  What things were in your life today or will be in your life tomorrow that you can be grateful about?

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