Attending seminars

Last Tuesday, October 21, I attended another Senior Seminar offered through the local community college.  This was the last one I had signed up to attend.  The title was “A Walk Through Italy.”  Well, it was more like a jog or a trot.  The speaker is an Italian teacher at two local colleges.  She also leads tours to Italy.  She told us there are 20 regions in Italy and she hit the high spots of each one.  It seemed to me that her focus was on cathedrals and the art they contain.  She also mentioned some museums.  She did caution that if we went to Italy we should wear good walking shoes.  At the rate she was taking us through cathedrals, that was a given!  But she also pointed out you’d be walking on cobblestones a lot so you needed good footwear.   There is certainly more to Italy than the usual spots you hit most tours.

Yesterday I attended a program on humor and health sponsored by one of the area’s teaching hospitals.  I had a terrible time finding the building which was not well signed.  But, 15 minutes late, I finally got to the meeting room.  The speaker told us how laughter is exercise for the heart and, really,  the entire  body.  She encouraged us to laugh — at ourselves, at jokes, at comedy TV, etc.  She had a number of funny hats she sometimes wears.  She also had a Groucho Marx fake eyebrows/nose/mustache eyeglass thing she put on.  She did look pretty funny!  She encouraged us to have some toys to sit around so we could play with them.  She had brought a stuffed cow to the meeting.  When she squeezed it’s front hoof, it started making noise and walking around.  Wearing funny shirts was another recommendation.  Across the room from me were a couple wearing shirts with jack-o-lantern faces on them and black Puritan style cardboard hats.  I had an inward giggle because the man sat there with a frown on his face throughout the session.  I found his face and the contrast of the subject matter to be interesting.  But the thing which tickled me the most was her mental foss.  It was a tube she put under her hair with the ends just behind her ears.  Two strings hung out of it and we asked what they were far.  At that, she pulled on them so it appeared they were sliding in and out of her head near her ears.  Mental floss!  Would that we could floss negative ideas out of our heads that easily.

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