It could have been worse

Today could have been worse.  It was chilly and raining almost all day.  (So I gave up and turned on the furnace.  The chill damp just went straight through me.)  I had an appointment with my allergist this morning.  I carefully thought about the route to his office since I had heard the traffic reports before I left.  Lots of accidents and backed up traffic.  What I didn’t consider was that my alternate route would also be backed up.  I think it took six changes of the traffic light before I got through one intersection.  I could feel my blood pressure climbing.  Of course, I was late for my appointment.  However, that didn’t matter because the doctor was running late too.  The visit went well and I was in a good mood when I left his office.

I think, though, that I might need to consider stopping to go to him.  Last year I was in an accident on my way to his office.  This year I had an accident — on the same street as last year — on my way home!  An elderly man pulled out of a small shopping area in front of me, making a left turn.  I saw him and stepped on the brakes but in the rain couldn’t stop.  I hit him.  As soon as I could, I turned through the traffic and pulled into the parking lot to wait for the police.  The man I hit sat in his car in the middle of the street until the police came and made him move it.  But he wasn’t hurt and neither was I.  The policeman told me I had done nothing wrong since the other driver had failed to yield.  As a result, his insurance would cover repairing my car.

I must say his insurance company is on top of things.  They’ve already contacted me and taken my report.  They contacted the local auto dealer they like to use for repairs.  That dealership has already called me and set up an appointment to get an estimate.

So things could have been worse.  It’s never fun to be involved in an accident but since I was judged “not at fault” my insurance shouldn’t go up, the other driver wasn’t hurt, he had insurance, and that insurance is going to pay for my repairs and a rental car while the repairs are being made.

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