A FO — almost!

I almost have an FO (finished object).  I completed the knitting on my mitered square vest yesterday.  I just have to weave in the yarn ends and sew on the button.  Mine looks different than the one on the September cover of Creative Knitting magazine because I used a regular variegated yarn rather than the one the cover vest was knit in.  But I am very pleased with how it turned out. 

I was afraid I would run out of my original yarn, Bernat So Soft, from my stash.  It, of course, has been discontinued for several years and I was not able to locate any more.  I bought two skeins of a Berella 4 yarn in a variegated colorway which included two of the colors in my original yarn.  I striped the front yokes by knitting first two rows with one and then two rows with the other.  That worked out really well.  And, as luck would have it, I now have about a skein and a bit of the second yarn left over as well as a bit of the first.  I’m still not convinced that my original four skeins would have been enough to do the complete vest.  I think adding the second yarn to the front yokes and collar gave an extra dimension to the pattern.

Typically, when I try to knit something from my stash, I ended up having to purchase more yarn.  This is how a stash grows, I think.  I have a great-nephew who will be almost two at Christmas so I think I’ll knit some mittens and a hat from my leftover purchased yarn and trim them with the bit of another yarn from my stash which is leftover from one of the many baby gifts I knit earlier this year as part of his Christmas presents.

I used a circular Hiya Hiya needle I purchased in Kansas City at The Studio to do the bottom border on my vest.  I really liked this needle.  I had not used this brand in the past and although it is wood or bamboo (I’m not sure which), it didn’t seem as “grabby” as some wooden needles.  The stitches slipped along the needle easily.  The points were good.  It was a pleasure to use that needle.

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